Region Three Premier League Promotions

This fall we had huge success with our 03 Gold boys and girls teams and 04 Gold boys and girls teams gaining promotion to the spring Region Three League.

Coach Ellis Alleyne of the 03 Gold boys said, “With plenty of quality in the league it was very important we got off to a good start and maintained high levels throughout. The biggest highlight was beating CESA Premier 3-0 at Manchester Meadows. We lost 2 games all season to the two teams that finished above us and as a squad we felt that we could beat both Mount Pleasant Premier and SCUFC Elite but we will have to wait until the spring season to get another shot.

We ended the league season in 3rd position guaranteeing our promotion scoring the most goals in the league and conceding very few. It was hard work with a jam-packed schedule but we did it and it was a fantastic achievement.”

Coach Ralph Latchana of the 03 Lady Gold said, “This past fall the 2003 Lady Gold girls had great success on the field. Some of their achievements included being finalists in the Discoveries tournament (playing up an age), finalists at CASL, winning the Twin City tournament but their biggest achievement was qualifying for Region 3 play by finishing in the top 3 in their state league. The girls showed tremendous growth towards the second half of the season maturing into a very solid and organized team. Congratulations to them for their hard work and they are looking forward to tougher challenges that lay ahead in the spring.”

Coach Nicky DeVogel of the 04 Gold boys said “With the tournament at CESA, the change came and we found our way back up. We suddenly played fresh and attractive with passion and dominancy, defeating (on paper) better teams than us. This was also the kick start for an incredible sprint to the finish line. This was the period the players understood their role in the field and in the squad, everyone wanted the same thing: qualify for the Region 3 Premier. The belief was there and the confidence was back, we just had to win everything from now on. Our last 2 games were against direct opponents and created a very exciting portion of the season, both with a 2-0 victory. We officially finished 4th and qualified for the Region 3 Premier in the Spring of 2017.”

Coach Aaron Weldon of 04 Lady Gold, “The 04 lady Gold team finished the season qualifying for the Southern Regional Premier league this coming Spring. Finishing third in league play, the girls competed against some of the best teams in the region en-route to qualifying for regional play. With a league and tournament record of 16-4-3, each of the tournaments resulted in either a win, or final appearance; notably finishing runners-up in the CASL Jr. Girls Showcase, and winners of the Norcross Generation Adidas Cup.”

A Letter from Executive Director, Dave Carton. 

Dear DSC Family,

I am delighted to be able to introduce our new DSC Member Newsletter. This Newsletter will be a monthly correspondence to continue to update our members on club activities, events and achievements.

As we move into the Spring season I would like to reflect on some of the outstanding achievements of our players and coaches in the fall. We have seen some historic team success this fall as our 04 Gold Boys and Girls and our 03 Gold Boys and Girls all gained promotion to the Spring Region Three Premier League this fall. This is an excellent display of consistency and a testament to the commitment and work ethic of the players and staff. We are excited to see how the players fare at the regional level.

Our Girls Program has seen some marvelous successes this fall also. Our 99 Lady Green team won their PMSL State Cup, our 00 Lady Gold qualified for the SCYSA Final four for the first time, our 02 Lady Gold competed in the Region Three Premier League and our 01 Lady Gold became the first girls team from Discoveries Soccer Club to win an SCYSA Challenge State Cup. Our 01s will now progress to compete in this summer’s Region Three Regional Championships in June.

This fall also saw more DSC players enter the US National Training Center program, with Christian Brathwaite becoming our first female player to be selected to attend. Samy Kolby continues to remain on the radar of Bayern Munich as he again travelled to play with the Bayern Munich Academy in November, and we have seen a record number of college signees and commitments from our 98 Gold and 98 Lady Gold.

This fall saw us expand our recreation footprint as we have strengthened our relationship with Tega Cay Parks and Rec, while also entering into improved agreements with the Lancaster County Parks and Rec Department and ROAR sports in Rock Hill, and this Spring, through our relationship with the Fort Mill School District, our teams will begin taking advantage of the new first class Riverview Athletic Complex.

We have also recently expanded our administrative staff to help us continue to serve our members to the highest standards possible. Jenn Dobson has joined our staff as Director of Communications and Member Services. Jenn joins us from Atlanta where she served as Executive Director of Inter Atlanta Football Club and we are thrilled to have her join the team. Kenny Halas has been brought in as our new Tournament Director. Kenny will manage all tournament growth strategies, and oversee all operations for our events. Please join me in welcoming Jenn and Kenny to the DSC effort.

None of these achievements would have been possible without the dedication of the staff and they deserve a lot of credit and gratitude.

As we look forward to the Spring we will continue to update our membership on club activities, events and achievements. We are very fortunate that our club is on such a positive trajectory, and I would like to thank each of our players, coaches, staff and parents for the sacrifices made to make Discoveries Soccer Club such a promising prospect for youth soccer families in our area.

Discoveries Soccer Club and ROAR Sports Enter Partnership


January 25, 2017 – Discoveries Soccer Club and ROAR Sports are delighted to announce a new partnership moving into the 2017 season. Starting this February, DSC will offer the Youth Development Program (YDP) at Westminister Park in Rock Hill, SC. The Youth Development Model offers a structured and professional player pathway for the more advanced ROAR player looking to expand their soccer experience.The DSC Youth Development Program (YDP) is the perfect opportunity for Roar players to improve their skills. YDP provides the environment for players to develop their social , technical , physical and mental skills. Emphasis is placed on development as opposed to winning with a heavy focus on technical elements during practices. This program caters for all abilities to the beginner to the intermediate player.

“We are thrilled to enter into this relationship with ROAR Sports. ROAR has been a very important community program in York County and it is our pleasure to be in a position to commit to them and their staff. Program Director LuLu has been a former DSC staff member and we had no hesitation working with LuLu and Andy to help support their programming and help develop the talent that exists in the ROAR membership. ROAR will be added to our thriving YDP platform, as all programming will be tailored to align with the values of the ROAR program. Thanks to everyone at ROAR for putting their trust in DSC, we are excited to see where this partnership takes us,” said Dave Carton, Discoveries Soccer Club Executive Director.

“We are definitely excited though to get our kids involved in a program like the YDP program where our kids can get a chance to bridge the gap between travel and recreational soccer. While learning from great experience/qualified coaches, having the chance to see what the next level looks like and to still be able to be a part of the ROAR ministry aspect of regularly doing the devotionals… learning how to integrate faith, truth and life in the program (which most families find important for their kids) and then having the opportunity to live out their faith on the field whether at practice or competing against the other programs,” said LuLu Merril, ROAR Assistant Director.

For more info please visit:


DSC 01 Lady Gold Celebrate State Cup Win

Congratulations to DSC 01 Lady Gold Premier on clinching the 2016 SCYSA Bob Brantley State Cup with a 3-1 win over SCUTD Elite in the final. The girls completed an undefeated season in Region Three Premier league and cup play with a 12-0-2 record, scoring 54 goals and conceding only 9, and will travel to Greensboro NC, representing South Carolina in the summer to compete in the USYSA Region 3 competition. The girls superb season also saw them gain promotion to the Southern Region Premier League next fall.
Executive Director and Head Coach Dave Carton on the win;
“Fantastic achievement by the girls and we’re all very proud of their efforts. They are the first team from the DSC Girls Program to win a Challenge State Cup and they have been a fabulous example for our younger players in the club to follow. There is massive potential in this group and I want to thank them for their commitment and dedication to the club and to the team. I have every reason to believe the girls will represent SCYSA to the highest standards moving forward”.

DSC Announces 2017 College ID Camps

DSC is excited to offer an opportunity for all players ages 15-19 to directly train and be observed by college coaches.  The camp will include technical training, small sided and showcase games. In addition, the camps will include a Q & A with coaches on the College Recruiting process.  We welcome all DSC and non-DSC players to attend.


Boy’s Camp – January 21
Girl’s Camp – January 22


Manchester Meadows Soccer Complex, Rock Hill

Registration and Cost

$105 per player due at the time of registration.

Camp includes training, games, College Recruiting Seminar and  camp t-shirt.

Participation is limited so please sign up early!

A list of colleges attending will be released soon.

For both boy’s and girl’s camp  questions please email

Dear Mom and Dad

Article that was posted on SCYSA website. Important read for all of our parents!


Parents, please read this with your player, and share it with other parents you know; especially share it with “that” parent. Ask your player how they want you to act, how you can cheer in a helpful way, and when is a good time to talk about the game. When you ask, please listen to and respect their answer. This is just a way to look at things from a different perspective.

Dear Dad/Mom:

I was afraid to say this to your face after the game today, but I was thinking that maybe you could stop coming to my games for a while. It doesn’t seem that fun for you anyway, and I know it’s not fun for me when you are there. I used to love when you watched me play when I was younger, but now, I wish you weren’t there. I think I am starting to hate playing soccer. I might quit. I bet you are wondering why.

I heard you in the stands today during my soccer game. I was going to say I heard you cheering, but that wasn’t really what you were doing. You were coaching. You were yelling about the other team, the other coaches, and at the officials. I also heard you yelling at me every time I got the ball.

I believe you think you are helping, but you are not. You are confusing me.

It’s confusing when you coach me from the sideline. When I play soccer, I feel like I have to make so many decisions at a time. Should I dribble or pass? Should I cross or shoot? Should I step up or stay back? Where are my teammates? Where are the defenders? I am trying to figure all these things out while out of breath, and fighting off defenders. With all this going on, you want me to listen to you, too? It seems no matter what I do, whether good or bad, you continue to yell at me. It is impossible to listen to you and play the game at the same time.

It’s confusing when you and the coach shout instructions at the same time. I can’t listen to both of you. Many times the things you say contradict what the coach teaches me at practice. My coach is trying to get me to pass it out of the back, but you keep yelling at me to kick it long. My coach encourages me to dribble past players, but you tell me to get rid of it when I try to dribble. My coach tells me to pass the ball to feet, but you tell me to kick it over the top and our forwards will chase it down. I either get yelled at by my coach, or by you. To make matters worse, sometimes the other parents join in and yell, too! I am so stressed out there. It’s not a very good feeling.

It’s confusing to me when you yell at the officials, especially since you teach me to respect teachers, coaches and my elders. Dad/Mom, some of these referees are kids that go to my school. I see them at lunch and in the halls and I am so embarrassed.Would you yell at me like that if I was a new referee? Even when the officials are right, and you are standing 50 yards away, you yell at them. I wish you would just let the game play out and let me and my coach handle what is going on.

It’s confusing when you are still upset about the loss hours after a game. How long is it appropriate to be sad and angry? I mean, I am the one who played, right? We are supposed to win some and lose some if we play good teams, right? We got beat, but now we have to move on and get ready for the next game. I am not sure how staying angry will help me get better for the next game. I certainly don’t feel like learning much immediately after a loss. The best thing you can do after a game is tell me you are proud of me for competing, and showing good sportsmanship, and that you love to watch me play. What are we going to eat is helpful too. But that’s all. I can get better next practice.

It’s confusing when you talk badly about my coach in front of me. You tell me to respect my coach and listen to what he says, but then I hear you and other parents say he doesn’t know what he is doing. My friends say that their parents tell them not to listen to the coach, and they don’t know who to listen to any more. No wonder our coach gets so frustrated with us.

It’s confusing when you talk badly about my teammates in front of me. I know some of my teammates aren’t as fast, or as strong, or don’t kick as well, but they are my friends, Dad/Mom. In school, they teach me that I should treat everyone with respect, but then you disrespect my teammates right in front of me. I wish you would try to see the good in my friends instead of pointing out their faults.

It’s confusing when you yell and scream at mistakes and act like playing soccer is an easy thing to do. I am not sure if you remember what it was like to be a player. Do you remember what it was like to be going through a growth spurt, and feeling awkward when you try to run and jump (never mind the sore knees)?  Do you remember how hard it was to learn to trap or pass a soccer ball, or for that matter hit a baseball, or catch a fly ball? Sometimes you try your very best, and still get it wrong. It doesn’t help or make me feel any better about my mistake when you yell at me for it, or tell me to “get my head in the game.” What does that mean, anyway? You yell things and most of the time I have no idea what you are talking about.

Dad/Mom, I don’t want to tell you how to parent or anything, but sometimes I feel like your love is conditional upon how the game goes.

When we win, everything is great, but whenever we lose, or I have a bad game, it seems like you hate me. I wish I was riding home with someone else, and not you.  I think it’s because you keep talking about the game when I don’t want to. You go over every mistake. Even when we win, all I hear about is what went wrong. If you talked about the game at dinner, or the next morning, it would be fine, but please, not on the car ride home.

I certainly appreciate all the time and money you spend to let me play. But sometimes it feels like we are out there playing just to entertain the adults. We just want to play. And we want you to watch if you can do so without yelling at the refs, screaming at other parents, and coaching from the stands.

Could you do that for me dad/mom? Could you just come, watch the game quietly, and then not talk about it on the ride home? If you can, I would love for you to come.

But if you can’t, I would prefer if you just dropped me off and let me play.

Dad/Mom, I love sports, I love my team, and I love my teammates. I want to play with my team forever, but not if it makes me feel like you hate me and you are angry at me all the time. Not if it makes me feel worse about myself.

Please let me know what you decide.

I Love You,

Your Player

For more information, please follow these useful links:

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“Let Them Play” by Dr Jerry Lynch: 

Changing the Game in Youth Sports

6th Annual DSC Clifton Carter Memorial Golf Tournament

DSC will be hosting the 6th annual Discoveries Soccer Club Clifton Carter Memorial Golf Tournament, in memory of Clifton Carter at the Tega Cay Golf Club on October 27th 2016.

This event took on special meaning for the club when in September 2011 with the tragic passing of Clifton, a member of our 95 Green team. With this, the members of the board at DSC felt it appropriate to dedicate the proceeds of our annual event to the DSC Scholarship Fund, and to memorialize Clifton by naming the tournament after him.

This event is one of the biggest and most significant on the DSC calendar. Through donations, sponsorships and participants, we have raised over $18,000 through this event in recent years, with every penny of this money being dedicated to the DSC Scholarship Fund. Not only is this event a great way to contribute back to the club, but it is also a great Club Day, where members and parents have the opportunity to mingle and socialize in a friendly environment at a beautiful location.

We wholeheartedly appreciate our members considering this event as a very worthy cause as we continue to work towards ensuring kids in our area can have a place to play and participate in the game.

Team Entry Fee:$400
Team Sponsor:$500 (4 person team, logo on website, social media, logo on banner)
Hole Sponsor:$100 (with participating team)
Cart Sponsor:$200 (logo on 5 carts, logo on banner)

To enter you can complete the attached application below and mail with payment to the DSC office, 1974 Carolina Place, Suite 120, Fort Mill, SC 29708 or log onto our website for information and register your team at

If you have any questions about sponsorship or your team, contact Mark Seren at

All proceeds from this event will be deposited in the Clifton Carter Memorial Fund at Discoveries Soccer Club. Discoveries Soccer Club is a 501(c)(3) cor- poration; a tax exempt, nonpro t organization to foster local, regional, na- tional and international amateur soccer competition.


Clifton Robert Carter, born November 4, 1995, the son of Mark and Mandy Carter of Fort Mill, passed away Tuesday, September 13, 2011. Clifton, a sophomore at Fort Mill High School, touched the lives of many. His infectious smile and playful spirit brought joy to his fellow students, friends, teachers, and teammates.

A talented athlete, Clifton, at the time of his passing, played soccer on the Fort Mill High School junior varsity team and on the Discoveries 95 Green Premier team. Despite his gentle nature on the field, Clifton was a fierce competitor on the pitch. His presence during the games ignited a spark that will continue to live in the hearts of all who knew him.


DSC Winter Training Announced

The Winter Training Program is designed to offer all players of the club (2010 (U7) – 2000 (U17) Boys & Girls) the opportunity to practice together as a team during the off season, but also give the opportunity to the player who wishes to further develop their technical ability and all round game. It will be a fantastic way to stay in shape throughout the summer months so you are physically ready for the 2017 spring season. The program will work on all aspects of the game focusing on the physical, technical/ tactical, psychological and social components.

Dates and Times

                                Monday                      Wednesday                          Thursday

Week 1               November 28th            November 130th                      December 1st

Week 2               December 5th                   December 7th                        December 8th

Week 3               December 12th                 December 14th                      December 15th

Week 4                January 2nd                      January 4th                             January 5th

Internal Scrimmages included December 8th and January 5th.

The practices are 75 minutes in duration and there will be two time slots that certain age groups will be assigned to on each day.

These are: 5:15pm – 6:30pm OR 6:30pm – 7:45pm

Venue: Manchester Meadows


DSC and Tega Cay Parks and Rec Announce Partnership

For Immediate Release;

Discoveries Soccer Club and Tega Cay Parks and Recreation are delighted to announce a new partnership moving into the 2016/2017 season. Commencing this summer, DSC will begin supporting the Tega Cay soccer program through summer camps, player clinics, coach/parent education programs, while also helping promote activities through social media and other program specific marketing campaigns. Through this agreement, DSC will provide Tega Cay with consistent staff support through the season, assisting in certain administrative roles such as evaluations, scheduling, and on-site program assistance.

Also, through our successful Youth Development Model, DSC will look to offer a structured and professional player pathway for the more advanced Tega Cay player looking to expand their soccer experience. The Tega Cay arm of our YDP program will work in conjunction with Tega Cay Parks and Rec, offering a clear route to advance each Tega Cay player to his or her own ability and potential.

Executive Director Dave Carton;

“This is a great opportunity for all involved. Both DSC and Tega Cay Parks and Rec are committed to providing the highest level of service to each of our members, and through this expanded relationship we are in a position to extend our programming to an area that is seeing so much development and growth. Thanks to Charlie Funderburk and Joey Blethen for putting their faith in our organization. We are excited to get started with everyone at Tega Cay as soon as possible.”

Parks & Recreation Director Joey Blethen;

“We are excited to be partnering up with one of the top club soccer providers in the state. This will provide benefits to all of our soccer participants regardless of age or skill level. This partnership will take our recreation program to the next level with increased coaches’ training and curriculums, player clinics and the assistance of Dave and his experienced staff. This agreement also creates a natural progression for the players that are ready to take their game to the next level. It is a great day for DSC and Tega Cay Parks and Rec.”

Discoveries staff will begin collaborating with Tega Cay staff and officials early in the summer 2016 to begin promoting and developing all programming on offer through Tega Cay recreations soccer department. For more information please visit;